Advocating Massacre: An Insight Into The NeoCon Mind Set
"Bomb 'em all and let God sort 'em out"

Steve Watson / Infowars | August 1 2006


Today I received an email that I think quite succinctly sums up the Neocon brainwashing that the world has been subjected to over the last few years.

It has come to the point now where we can write articles saying bombing the life out of tiny babies and innocent children is wrong and there will be people in America who disagree.

Take a look at the email from a person who has quite clearly spent far too much time watching Fox news and Ann Coulter:

This may sound harsh but I really don't agree with any sort of 'cease fire' at all as far as Hezbollah and Hamas are concerned. In my opinion, which doesn't count for squat any more than anyone else's really, I think Israel should keep going until the radical violent factions which want only Israel's destruction are destroyed themselves - completely - and killed down to the last man.

The system the ancient Romans used worked quite well - if some enemy attacked Roman soldiers or citizens the Romans often destroyed the entire city that the enemy came from down to the last person who lived in it. They also often used an effective system where they killed 1 out of every 10 people from a city that attackers came from. This is where the word 'decimate' comes from. After a few towns were destroyed word spread quickly that it didn't pay to attack Romans as your entire family might be killed.

'Hey! Don't do that! Didn't you hear what happened to the last town when someone pulled that crap???!!'

This system had nothing to do with any 'fall of the Roman Empire' and kept the entire 'civilized' world in line and peaceful for hundreds of years.

The reason no Israeli airliner has been hijacked in many years? Israel tracks down hijackers, even if they escape from the hijacking, and kills them on the spot where they find them. After a while no one wanted to hijack Israeli planes as it was a guaranteed death sentence. These violent fanatics only stop when you kill them.

When fighting in the same area has been going on for hundreds of years, the same people still hating the same people, and one side consistently trying to kill the other side, after a while that gets really tiring and many people can only come to the logical conclusion that it will end only when one side is dead.

As far as 'innocent' people are concerned - there's no such thing. Someone who lives in and grew up in Beirut, as my ex fiance did, knows they are living in what has been an urban combat zone for decades. The fact that many of them don't pack up and leave it tells a lot of things, among which is the fact that they accept that they live in a combat zone with all that entails.

On another note - I also agree with many other people that radical Iraqi cities such as Fajullah should be carpet bombed into a giant pockmarked parking lot. Do that a few times and there won't be any 'insurgency' as anyone who even thought about that sort of thing would be kicked out of their own town by their own families, and they definately would not be allowed to 'hide-out' in any cities.

Luckily for the radical militant murderers in that part of the world my opinion doesn't mean squat. Of course if a few million voters get tired enough of all the BS going on there put some people in office who listen to their views, it might be another story.

Just to reiterate, we get these kind of emails all the time.

This person cannot see a problem with Israel's program of ethnic cleansing in Lebanon because he/she advocates wiping out entire cities and everyone in them in the vain of the bloody Roman Empire in order to "keep the civilized world in line"

And according to him/her "there's no such thing" as innocent people in Lebanon because they all know what they are letting themselves in for by living there.

This is the mind set that is taking over America and the rest of the world. It is quite simply evil.

I'll end now with a look at some of those who "knew what they were letting themselves in for" by living in Qana. 60 civilians, 37 of whom were children and none of whom were terrorists were massacred there just a few days ago. Remember "These violent fanatics only stop when you kill them."


NB - Some may find that using images like this is an "easy" way of getting a point a across. I don't care because no words can describe what they illustrate.

Knew what he was letting himself in for?

Keeping the civilized world in line?

Another violent fanatic?

An effective system?

No such thing as innocent people?



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