Kim Jong Who? North Korea What?
Neocon globalists play down imminent threat whilst hyping ten year one

Steve Watson / Infowars | October 12 2006

North Korea has routinely threatened to destroy the US and is now threatening war yet the Bush administration continues to play down the situation, even suggesting that monday's test was simple propaganda, not nuclear and was "more fizz than pop."

This despite the fact that Russia claims the explosion was comparable to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

In the latest development, North Korea, a nation ruled by a tyrannical Stalinist Dictator and now officially in possession of nuclear weapons, threatened war against the US and any other nation that imposes sanctions in response to Monday's news of an underground nuclear test.

``If the U.S. keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of war and will take a series of physical corresponding measures,'' a statement, said without specifying what those measures could be.

South Korea said it was making sure its troops were prepared for atomic warfare, and Japan imposed new economic sanctions.

The President made it clear that there is no intention of attacking North Korea, as did the Secretary of State, meanwhile the administration along with the UN continues to pursue sanctions on Iran over its uranium enrichment program.

Key Republican figures have even suggested that the situation is 'excellent news'.

We have previously documented how the plans to strike Iran are already in place, yet it has no weapons of mass destruction and is not threatening anyone. The Administration went to war in Iraq on the most flimsy concocted false evidence of the possibility of WMDs, whereas hard undeniable evidence that North Korea has them matters not.

This proves that the administration cares not about WMD but purely about pre-planned geopolitical agendas.

Add to this the fact that it was Donald Rumsfeld who sold the nuclear reactors to North Korea in 1999, as Keith Olbermann has latterly pointed out, and the whole sorry tale unravels once again in front of our eyes.


Perhaps Rumsfeld has forgotten he sold reactors to this tinpot dictator, just as he forgot that he sold chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein who used them to gas people in his own country and is consequently facing the death penalty on charges of genocide, just as he forgot that he ever stated he knew where Iraq's weapons were being concealed, just as he forgot about the 45 minute WMD claim, just as he couldn’t recall if he had approved other crooked weapons contracts, just as he cannot remember what he did with 2.3 trillion Pentagon Dollars, etc etc etc...

Rudolf Hess said he "couldn't remember" anything. It wasn't good enough for one war criminal and it's not good enough for another.



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