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WWF Blames Global Cooling On "Carbon Pollution"
Warming, cooling, who cares? Just shut up and accept CO2 taxation

Steve Watson
day, Sept 3, 2008


Conservation group World Wildlife Fund has blamed human carbon emissions for the fact that the coldest August has been recorded in Australia for more than 60 years.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

The freezing temperatures are proof of the urgent need to cut carbon pollution, according to WWF development and sustainability program manager Paul Toni.

"We can expect more extremes in climate," Mr Toni said.

Mr Toni said if action was not taken, more volatile weather would be on the radar.

So now carbon emissions are not only responsible for the rapid heating of the Earth, but at the same time are the prime cause of global cooling, according to the WWF.

Which is it to be?

Only two days ago we reported that climate alarmists are touting radical plans to use reflective space drones to block out the Sun and “geo-engineer” the planet to save humanity from rapid global warming caused by greenhouse gasses.

Now we are asked to believe the same gasses are also responsible for unprecedented cooling?

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Man-made global warming advocates are scrambling to explain away the fact that 2008 has so far been the coolest in the last five years.

In reality, there has been no global warming since 1998 as temperatures leveled off and are now beginning to plummet as a result of dwindling sunspot activity. Indeed, the month of August passed without a single visible sunspot being observed.

This has led some scientists to believe that we are more at risk from a new ice age than we are from global warming.

Climate change alarmists face embarrassment amidst a barrage of evidence that the planet has embarked on a clear and natural cooling trend.

China recently experienced its coldest winter in 100 years while northeast America was hit by record snow levels and Britain suffered its coldest April in decades and its dullest August since records began in 1929.

Of course, none of these facts fit in with the notion that warming mandates the poor and middle class be hit with multiple CO2 taxes in order to save the planet.

The answer, according to the WWF, seems to be simply to change the phrasing from "global warming" to "climate extremes", leaving the perceived cause in place but still ignoring actual scientific facts.

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