Now We Should Go To Jail For Sharing Our Favourite Song LYRICS

Steve Watson | December 9 2005

After cracking down on MP3 file sharing, the music industry is to go to war against websites offering unlicensed song tabs and lyrics.

The Music Publishers' Association (MPA), which represents US sheet music companies, says all such sites are illegal and will begin the crackdown in 2006.

MPA president Lauren Keiser said that not only should sites carrying song tabs and lyrics be shut down but also suggested authorities should "throw in some jail time, I think we'll be a little more effective".

Such tabs and lyrics are widely available all over the internet and are often simply the efforts of fans to interpret and play their favourite and much beloved songs. The legal blurb on this website actually says The tablatures contained within this site are artists' representations of songs the 'tabber' has heard.

We are being led to believe that sharing information is illegal.

We have previously exposed how under proposed expansions to the Patriot Act, which has just been extended, News and information gathering could be deemed to be illegal. That move would mean suddenly all internet blogs and alternative news sites would suddenly come under attack and the only "legal" information would be that put out by the Government and it's authorized news services.

We have also previously exposed how the phenomenon of the internet is seemingly becoming too hot to handle for the authorities who wish to strip it back and gain strict control over what information is and is not available.

Blatantly ridiculous Reports that "the Internet is dying" have been circulating, whilst a push for a system known as Internet 2 has begun whereby information is strictly controlled so as to not allow the overcrowding and eventual "death" of the system.

Click here to listen to our resident technical expert Dwayne Coots explain why that theory is complete claptrap. The real idea behind the move is simply to quell freedom and the sharing of information all over the world because the Monopoly elite can make more money out of us and gain more power if they can control the spread of information.


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