Why Is Britain Protecting 'Jihadists'?
Select British suspects saved in Africa, flown back to UK, then released
Steve Watson
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A group of men suspected to be "jihadists" with "links to Al Qaeda" have been rescued from captors in Somalia by the British Foreign Office and flown back to the UK by the RAF, thus saving them from a death penalty handed down by Somali authorities.

Whitehall sources said they would keep the four men under surveillance but they will not be placed under control orders, which would allow their movements to be restricted.

Tory homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer said the Government was 'wishing another problem' upon Britain, adding: 'I just find it amazing that we bring back people apparently bent on Jihad. It really does beggar belief.'

Once again the see through rhetoric of the 'war on terror' is witnessed as the government says one thing and does another with regards to terrorist activity on British shores.

It is highly suspect that these four men were rescued and brought back by high ranking officials, particularly given that scores of Britons were left to be killed, injured or captured with other foreign fighters during battles with Ethiopian troops, who invaded Somalia in December, backed by US airstrikes.

Tony Blair says that the British security services are doing everything in their power to protect the British people from Islamic extremism, yet again and again we see instances whereby people known to hold extremist views are systematically protected at home and abroad by the British government.

While this is going on the police are grabbing random innocent muslims in media showcases for bizarre beheading plots, liquid terror attempts, ricin attacks, all of which have turned out to be totally false.

In the majority of cases the government is turning a blind eye to the real extremists while flaunting the ridiculous and telling us we all need to give up some of our liberties in order that they may keep us safe.

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For over a decade the British state has infiltrated, tolerated, facilitated and protected the few real extremist groups that do exist. MI5 and MI6 have, as a matter of routine, granted these groups asylum, allowed them to function with impunity in violation of British law, and even recruited their leaders as double agents.

Lets take a quick look at a few past examples of how the British authorities have sheltered the real terrorists:

The official reluctance to act against these known extremists in the UK and the further protection of extremists abroad does not match the government's willingness to act pre-emptively to foil ludicrous plots of doubtful reality. Exposing these actions is key to revealing the fraud behind the war on terror.




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