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Bill O'Reilly Smears An American Icon And Declares Himself A Patriot In The Same Breath
Brands Willie Nelson a "pinhead" and says he is a patriot for guessing football scores

Steve Watson
day, Feb 7, 2008

Fox News bigot Bill O'Reilly took time on his "factor" last night to call music legend Willie Nelson a "pinhead" for supporting 9/11 truth, while declaring himself the ultimate patriot for being able to guess football scores.

In his cutting edge segment entitled "Pinheads and Patriots" O'Reilly first took time to extol the virtues of his own fierce patriotism.

"I, your humble correspondent, am the Patriot tonight" O'Reilly blathered, managing to squeeze two gross fictions into one short sentence.

While the words "Islam" and "hate filled rhetoric" scrolled across the bottom of the screen, a seemingly permanent fixture on Fox News, O'Reilly paraded a picture of his own face with the word "Patriot!" written underneath it, so as not to further confuse his geriatric audience.

And what is it that makes O'Reilly the country's greatest patriot at this time? That's right, he has predicted the winners of the Superbowl no less than five times running.

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"I have the longest winning streak in the country" O'Reilly proudly announced. "So in the Superbowl predicting category, I'm a Patriot", he continued.

What does that even mean?

In the twisted backwards spinning world of Fox News the ability to predict sports results now apparently makes you a patriot. Forget Thomas Jefferson, forget George Washington, forget Thomas Paine, after all how many Superbowls did those guys correctly predict?

Never mind the fact that O'Reilly spews freedom hating lies and corporate dictated propaganda every day, the country should be proud of him and his ability to correctly make a 50/50 guess five times on the trot.

O'Reilly then declared musical legend Willie Nelson a "pinhead", declaring "The seventy four year old singer counts himself among the 9/11 conspiracy nuts".

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Playing a clip from Monday's interview on the Alex Jones show, O'Reilly provided as much explanation as to why Willie is a "pinhead" as he did for himself being a patriot. Zilch.

1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, esp. of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

1. the head of a pin.
2. something very small or insignificant.
3. Slang. a stupid person; nitwit.

We report, you decide: Which category would you put Fox News reporter Bill O'Reilly in and which would you put Americana icon and country music legend Willie Nelson in?

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