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Presidents Day Money Bomb For Ron Paul Announced
Latest mass donation day scheduled for February 18th

Steve Watson
day, Feb 8, 2008

A new mass donation day is being organized by grass roots supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The latest "money bomb" is scheduled for February 18th, President's Day, the federal holiday that marks the birthday of George Washington.

A website has been set up at www.presidentsdaymoneybomb.com/ in order to promote the effort.

Previous donation days on the 5th of November and the 15th of December saw the Congressman raise record amounts both times, and saw Paul become the GOP's highest earner of the last quarter of 2007.

Thus far in the first quarter of 2007 Paul has pulled in an impressive $5.3 million.

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While Mitt Romney has dropped out of the presidential race, saying he could not let his campaign "be a part of aiding the surrender to terror", Ron Paul has vowed to forge ahead all the way to the national convention in honor of his supporters.

Romney's empty gesture for "unity" in the Republican party betrays the lack of direction of his campaign and the blindness to the fact that the GOP has been chewed up and spat out, along with the rest of the country, by big government opportunity elitists.

Meanwhile Ron Paul continues to tell it the way it is, stating at the annual CPAC conference "We are in a bind," Ron Paul said. "We are in a fix. We spend too much everywhere. We spend too much overseas, we spend too much domestically... We have lost House seats. Not because we aren't compassionate, but because we aren't conservative."

And how can Senator John McCain promote a conservative stance when he has chosen to align himself with some of the most destructive liberals in the U.S. Senate? Paul asked. "This candidate's best friends' names are Kennedy and Feingold," he stated in an emphatic speech.

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