Why Did Bush Give Kristol’s Speech? PNAC is Alive and Well and They’re Taking Us to Iran and Syria!

TV News Lies
Thursday, January 11, 2007 

PNAC is alive and well and living inside George W. Bush’s empty skull. All you had to do was watch a few minutes of FOX News before George W. Bush gave his speech and the grin on William Kristol’s face, (PNAC chairman who is very likely one of the insiders that brought us 9/11 or as he called it, our “new Pearl Harbor”), and you would have known that Bush was about to announce the continuation of the PNAC agenda. Kristol grinned like a little boy trying to keep a secret. But some of us know better. Some of us know that Kristol has been one of the Neocons who has helped package and sell the continuation of the PNAC foreign policy agenda.

“A new way forward” and troop “surge” are two of the laughable inaccurate terms that have been coined for this second chapter in the PNAC coup. These guys stole an election, 9/11ed us into giving them control of our military and they even sacrificed their own (Rumsfeld) in order to retain power. Tonight’s speech by George W. Bush was simply the public announcement that the Iran/Syria chapter of the PNAC remapping of the Middle East is on its way. Another element of PNAC chapter two is also under way, for those of you who are not paying attention: the part of their agenda that recommended that the US secure (steal) resources in the region is in the works because Iraq’s newly “elected” Parliament, you know the people who represent the citizens of Iraq, just decided to sign the Iraqi oil rights over to western companies. You know; the oil that Saddam used to provide free health care and education (through college) to Iraqi citizens. Now that oil revenue will go right into the pockets of the oil executives who bring us global warming, war and a wall of secrecy when it comes to any technology that could replace oil for anything.

Hey, stupid brainwashed Americans, did you know that Saddam used Iraq’s oil money to pay for health care? No; because your lying bastards in the media did not tell you this. While Saddam was providing free health care for his people your health care costs rose 70% (another fine Bush legacy) and while Iraq’s oil money also paid for Iraqis’ education, Exxon has turned in one global profit record after another!

Folks, don’t criticize this blog entry by saying things about the credibility of my blog; because the design is not professional, or because I did not provide too many links to back up my comments. Go through the hundreds of pages of the main web site where you can find thousands of linked references or get off of your butt and start Googling (you know, like that sage intellectual W says, use “the Google” on the “Internets”). Maybe after reading a few corroborated undisputed media reports from around the world you will put two and two together and join me in recognizing that we have a president who is a puppet of some very bad people who think nothing of lying to you in order to further their goals. They think nothing of killing massive numbers of people including Americans in order to further their goals and they have done just that.

Don’t be afraid to start researching this stuff because the ramifications of not doing anything will be worse than if you let the damage continue to pile up. Maybe if enough of you come to terms with what is taking place more people can actually take action. Maybe the people who are trying desperately to alert the citizens of this nation about what is going on will have one less person slowing us down from stopping the madness!

PNAC brought you 9/11, they brought you Iraq and now they are telling you that Iran and Syria are next. And guess what, I have said it time and time again but when the time comes I’ll say it again…I told you so!

So how much more do you have to see before you stop these guys? How much more do you have to see before you start believing your own eyes and ears; or do you just not trust your own eyes and ears; only those of the people who have lied to you about everything from the Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11; the criminal US corporate media? Think about it!



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