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Neo-Cons Admit Paul Could Become "Ross Perot Of 2008"
Finally Ron Paul is treated as a serious factor in this election

Steve Watson
day, Jan 22, 2008

It seems that Ron Paul is finally being accepted as a serious presidential candidate by a portion of the neo-con spin brigade.

National Review Online, normally a trusted neo-con mouthpiece, has published a surprisingly detailed and extremely balanced article on the Congressman's policies and campaign prospects, concluding that Paul could become the Ross Perot of 2008.

"It’s time to start taking the ten-term Texas congressman seriously." writes economist Donald Luskin.

"Even if it’s a bridge too far for him to capture the GOP nomination, he could mount an insurgent run for the presidency with cross-party appeal and fundraising power, probably as the nominee of the Libertarian party (on whose ticket he ran for president in 1988). He could end up shaping the coming election as H. Ross Perot did the 1992 race — denying either major-party candidate the mandate of a majority of the popular vote, and shifting the center of gravity on important issues."

Luskin cites Paul's broad appeal as a key factor in enticing grass roots support from both sides of the political paradigm, acknowledging that the Congressman has the pulling power to win over pacifist elements of the Democratic base with his anti-war stance, combined with the ability to draw votes from conservatives with his vision for a deregulated and economically sound free market stripped of big government bureaucracy.

It is this broad appeal that makes Paul comparable to Ross Perot.

During the 1992 election Perot drew support from across the political spectrum. He received 18.9% of the popular vote - approximately 19,741,065 votes, making him the most successful third-party presidential candidate in terms of the popular vote since Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 election. He even managed to finish second in two states.

Perot's candidacy had received increasing media attention when the competitive phase of the primary season ended for the two major parties. Bush Snr.'s campaign was dwindling, and Bill Clinton was up to his neck in scandal allegations (surprise surprise). Perot therefore emerged as the beneficiary of populist resentment toward the establishment politicians.

It is not so difficult to imagine Ron Paul emerging as a figure fitting this mold.

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Although Ron Paul has refused to be drawn on the possibility of an independent run on numerous occasions, he has never categorically ruled it out. At this stage their is no logic to Paul going independent, he is holding his own in the GOP race while Rudy Giuliani is on the verge of elimination.

However, for the National Review to cite Paul's popular appeal in this way and admit he is a major player is extremely encouraging for Paul and his supporters.

After this weekend's second place finish in Nevada the non-coverage of Ron Paul in the main stream media became inexplicable.

The ever reliable Neocon mouthpiece Fox News put up a graphic showing the results from Nevada devoid of any information on Paul! They failed to mention the #2 candidate, although they covered #1, #3 and #4!

The New York Times “official results page” on its website failed to even list Ron Paul as a candidate on Sunday. However, it seems the worm is now turning, the Times has since added Ron Paul to it's 2008 election guide and axed Giuliani, whom the Congressman himself predicted Monday will soon be out of the race altogether.

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul revolution marches on full pace. Yesterday saw grassroots supporters raise over $1.8 million in 24 hours, in a Martin Luther King Day "money bomb". This is a remarkable achievement given that December saw a record $6 million raised in a single day and the month before that $4.3 million in one day. Paul's earnings for the first quarter of 2008 already stand at over $3.2 million and show no sign of slowing.

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