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Ron Paul: "We Must Continue This Fight"
Praises grassroots support, vows to continue "taking on the establishment" in campaign update address

Steve Watson
day, Jan 28, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul has delivered his own "state of the union" style address to update supporters on the progress of his presidential campaign and highlight the achievements made over the last year.

"I've always admitted I was a reluctant candidate because I didn't know for sure what was going to happen." Paul comments.

"This has gone much better than I ever dreamed because my reluctance was that I didn't know how the young people would respond and I didn't know if there would be enough people out in the country that really cared about preserving freedom and the Constitution. But now that a year has passed I have to tell you that I am much more optimistic than I ever dreamed I would be."

Dr Paul highlighted the successes of the campaign including the two second place finishes in Nevada and Louisiana, adding that he believes that if all votes had been properly counted in Louisiana, he would have won the caucus there.

The Congressman also praised the grassroots support the campaign has benefited from:

"The number of meetup groups that have been formed all over the country is unbelievably amazing, and the fact that fundraising has been spontaneously organized on the internet and we had three separate days where we raised over $12 million and probably broke all kinds of records tells you have starved people are for this message." Paul states.

Paul also emphasized that the message of the campaign is not "Ron Paul's message" it is the message of the constitution and of freedom. Paul also admits that he underestimated the appeal for this message and believed it would take another decade or two to make the inroads his campaign has.

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The Congressman reemphasized the fact that he wishes to stay in the race all the way to the convention and stated that he would keep fighting for those who have given him so much support over the last year, while also reminding his base of the challenge the campaign has taken on:

"I think we've achieved a lot more than even the optimists believed, it certainly is a lot more than I ever though would happen, so this is the reason that I don't close the door to anything. At the same time we have to realize what we have taken on. We have taken on the establishment, so it is not easy to overcome this, whether we take on the military industrial complex, the medical industry, the banking industry, the foreign policy industry. This is truly a revolution, it is not just tinkering round the edges."

Paul also states that there is no doubt in his mind that the fight for freedom will continue beyond his campaign.

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