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National Tax Payer's Union Study Says Ron Paul Only Candidate Who Would Cut Spending
Every other candidate would increase federal budget

Steve Watson
day, Jan 31, 2008

One of the largest tax payer's unions in the country has produced a detailed report concluding that only one remaining presidential candidate would actually cut government spending - Ron Paul.

The NTU report finds that all other candidates would in fact INCREASE the federal budget by billions.

The NTU is renowned for its work to enact constitutional limits on government taxes, spending and debt. The union has helped to establish "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" laws in order to safeguard against IRS abuses.

The NTU, like Ron Paul, is against the national income tax and proposes either a flat tax or the FairTax (a national sales tax with rebate) in its place.

Taking the most conservative cost estimates of federal outlays from a variety of sources, including over 450 of the candidates' own proposals, the NTU finds:

"The four respective frontrunners in the two parties (John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama), proposed overall fiscal policy agendas whose net effect would raise annual federal outlays between $6.9 billion and $287.0 billion."

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Meanwhile, Ron Paul has proposed spending cuts that more than offset new spending plans. The most conservative figures show that the Congressman would cut spending by a whopping $150.1 billion.

“It should come as no surprise that when you crunch the numbers Ron Paul is the only Republican who would actually shrink the size and cost of the federal government,” commented Ron Paul campaign economic advisor Don Luskin. “Romney, McCain and Huckabee don’t hold a candle to Ron Paul – the only true fiscal conservative running for President.”

Ron Paul voted against the "economic stimulus package" that passed the House 385-35 Tuesday.

The Congressman stressed that he is in favor of taxpayers getting some of their money back, but added “temporary tax cuts and one-time rebates will not ‘fix’ the economy.... Sending out checks and cutting interest rates yet again is merely a shot in the arm when in actuality, the economy needs major surgery.”

Paul has pointed out that a weak dollar cannot be fixed by printing more dollars and a credit crunch will not be fixed by creating more credit. He has unveiled his own stimulus plan based on reforming taxes, cutting spending, improving monetary policy and eliminating burdensome regulations.

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