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Lawman: Brown Siege May Be Psy Op
Reveals Sheriff has left town
Urges non violence as information continues to filter through

Steve Watson

Thursday, June 7, 2007

UPDATE: 1.55PM CST - The latest from Ed Brown's online blog: "apparently this was a test by the "authorities" to see what kind of response would come from the community......testing to see what might happen if they move in......."

Alex Jones was joined on air today in an emergency broadcast by highly decorated lawman and military veteran Jack McLamb to discuss the ongoing siege at tax protestor Ed Brown's home in New Hampshire.

Mclamb urged a controlled non violent response:

"What I think it is, they are looking for an event to push us in to a violent confrontation so they can suspend the first amendment and we cannot reach any more people. This may be the event to push towards that war.

We're winning and if they can push us now into starting a war, we lose and they win. If they can't push us into starting a violent revolution at the moment then they lose." Stated McLamb.

News reporters have confirmed that police have surrounded the Brown property and that the press was kept away from the property. Neighbors have been evacuated from their homes.

"Dozens of heavily armed state police and federal agents have assembled near the rural Grafton County home of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown." reports the Plainfield Union Leader.

McLamb continued "If I were in that position I know that if they came in and killed me, we would win in the freedom movement. They want to push us into martial law and end our growth of waking people up. This could be the way they are trying to shut us down.

I pray that the people will not go there en mass because they know everyone has been praying for Ed Brown and his family and this is being used to push people into violent confrontation.

I am a warrior, I would like to go clean house and take our country back but I know their plan and I don't want to be a part of their plan to initiate the shut down of the wonderful wake up that is going on in America today. If they kill this family we will have more people with us next week than they can even imagine.

McLamb also confirmed that after calling the Sheriff's office in the area he was told that the Sheriff Michael Prozzo had left town today. The secretary at the office stated to McLamb that she was going to leave the phone off the hook because she "wouldn't get any work done".

The Sheriff would be in charge of any operation against Brown so it is more than convenient that he has skipped town.

Jack McLamb urged listeners to call the Sheriff's office on 603-863-4200 and demand information as to what is transpiring.

McLamb warned "This could be is a psy op, it is not over until we fire our guns and there is no more first amendment and that is exactly what they want."

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