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Do Ed and Elaine Brown live in a fortress?

Keene Free Press
Thursday June 14, 2007

According to many the Browns live in a fortress.

Eagle-Tribune 6/8/07

PLAINFIELD (AP) - U.S. marshals insisted they had no intentions of storming the fortress-like home of a husband and wife convicted of tax evasion who refused to report to jail. But when SWAT teams, military and explosives vehicles began marshaling in their tiny town yesterday, neighbors began to wonder whether a raid was imminent.

"There's been a lot of cars heading up that way. Law enforcement types," said Russell Hoisington, who lives on the road leading to Ed and Elaine Brown's hilltop retreat, and whose nephews - neighbors of the Browns - were rousted from their home by police yesterday morning.

WorldNetDaily 1/20/07

Bench warrant issued for N.H. tax resister

... fortified home ... fortress-like home – complete with cement walls and a watchtower ...
"I love my home. It's my castle. There's plenty to do here," Brown told Associated Press by phone yesterday. "It's all set up for me to stay here forever."

WMUR 4/24/07

... no plans to lay siege to their hilltop compound ... holed up in their fortress-like Plainfield home

Concord Monitor 1/22/07

All of a sudden, Ed Brown has a lot of friends

... barricading himself in his fortified Plainfield home ...

Union Leader 6/7/07

neighbors reported armed police and at least one armored vehicle near Ed and Elaine Brown's fortified compound ...

Monitor 5/25/07

... Morse (US Marshal) said recent improvements to the Browns' home made it "essentially a fortress." ...

Picture taken in mid-January

Ed and Elaine have a normal wooden front door and unprotected windows.

Here is what I picture when I think "fortified":

You could just break down Ed Brown's front door if you wanted to. I am sure the Feds will have no problem inflicting pain on the Brown household with their weapons and armored vehicles. The government sure looks like they will be laying seige to the house sometime in the future. They have blocked off access to the area in the past week and have been lurking in the woods. I sure hope the government doesn't come in and burn up their home like they did the Branch Dividians in Waco, Texas.

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