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Can Neo-Cons Deny Plethora Of Other Abuse Videos?
Shameful puppy video one of many

Steve Watson
day, March 5, 2008

The video of a US soldier hurling a defenseless puppy from a cliff top in Iraq has continued to stir outrage and repugnance amongst online communities across the world.

While the act of cruelty in itself could only realistically be topped by eating the puppy alive, Neo-Cons the like of those over at mother Malkin's Hot Air blog have attempted to deny the reality of the shocking video, even after one of the Marines in the clip was identified by his Marine corps base in Hawaii.

The idiotic stance these braindead Neo-Cons have taken on this has spurred many prisonplanet forum users to prove that it is not just "a few bad apples" that are going after hearts and minds by torturing, shooting and blowing up animals.

Below are multiple examples of their findings.

Soldiers blowing up dogs for fun:

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Soldiers shooting dogs for fun:

This next video is unembeddable as it is so graphic - http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=54e_1182844511&p=1

Soldiers tormenting a dog:

Soldiers throwing grenades at sheepherders and sheep and finding it funny:

I for one already feel sick to the stomach but should you wish to watch more of this brutal barbarism, prisonplanet forum users have continued to post more videos here.

Should we really be surprised that the soldiers in the latest video find it so easy to kill a small dog?

Not judging by this marine facebook group, which boasts about snapping the necks of puppies in order to graduate bootcamp. For non facebook users here is a screenshot.

The anger that this incident has caused may seem completely overblown to some, considering the admitted atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib and other torture camps, including raping children and beating people to death. The fact that a puppy causes more outrage reflects on how the rest of society has also been dehumanized.

Others have also noted that the incident serves as a perfect but brutal image laden metaphor for the overall stinking situation in Iraq.

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