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Award Winning Reporter Details U.S. Media Blackout On Mexican Military Incursions
Washington Times investigator exposes mayhem on the southern border

Steve Watson
day, March 6, 2008

An award winning reporter has detailed an ongoing media blackout concerning a major issue of national security on the southern border.

Sara A. Carter, National Security and Pentagon reporter for the Washington Times, spoke to the Alex Jones show today regarding consistent incursions into the U.S. by armed Mexican troops aiding illegal smugglers.

Ms. Carter has won several national prestigious awards for her coverage of border issues north and south, including the 2006 Eugene Katz Award for Excellence in the Coverage of Immigration, presented annually by the Center for Immigration Studies.

"There's a lot of people who don't realize how serious the situation is on the southern border." Ms. Carter said. "Even to the extent when sometimes some of our own government officials choose to ignore it, even though they know it's going on."

"This is a very serious national security issue in many respects and it deals with an array from smuggling humans, to smuggling narcotics, and the whole mix up is that there's many people within the Mexican government and military that have already been bought and sold out to the drug cartels."

"It's very difficult to distinguish between those that are really trying to do the job, and those that are sell outs to the drug cartels. I've seen it with my own eyes, I've been down in many of the same border cities, I've spent an enormous amount of time in Mexico working with intelligence officials and others, and I have many Mexican sources who had said 'please get the truth out'." Ms. Carter continued.

Ms. Carter pointed out that although such activity has been ongoing for years, there has essentially been a news blackout in America.

"It is a huge story. It is bigger than most of us even know, and people are afraid of covering the story. We hear reports but we don't see in depth detail." Carter said.

Aside from Carter herself it has been left entirely to the alternative media to expose the reality of the situation on the border.

We have covered multiple previous incidents of this nature here at Prisonplanet and Infowars:

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The mainstream media cautiously began reporting on the issue two years ago when Sara Carter uncovered Department of Homeland Security documents and maps showing that Mexican military has crossed into the United States 216 times in the past nine years. In the documents U.S. officials claimed the incursions are being made to help foreign drug and human smugglers into the United States.

Many incidents have seen Mexican troops fire on U.S. border agents.

Ms. Carter also exposed how the U.S. Border Patrol is "tipping" the Mexican government as to the location of Minutemen and other civilian border patrol groups participating in apprehending illegal immigrants.

Her award winning articles are grouped together here.

In the following MSNBC report from last year, Sara Carter details how one particular incident saw Mexican troops crossing the border along Rio Grande with mounted machine guns pointing at border patrol agents, deputies and Texas highway patrolmen:

In today's interview with Alex Jones, Ms. Carter also spoke of shockingly commonplace incidents of Mexican troops are aiding the kidnapping of American citizens across the border:

"Many of those people have not been found, I'm gonna tell you something, I was down in Nuevo Laredo and I was there when Betty Flores was still the mayor, I remember having a one on one conversation with her and I said 'look, there have been Americans in Laredo that have been kidnapped, and taken into Nuevo Laredo in Mexico and there's still no sign of them, nobody has done anything about it, what are you going to do?'

"Basically the answer to me was 'well we believe a lot of those folks were involved with the cartels anyway'. Well that isn't true." Carter said.

She also delved into great detail concerning the different drug cartels of Mexico and their activities on the border with Mexican authorities, as well as reports of groups such as Los Zetas engaging in corruption inside the U.S. as far north as Indiana.

Listen to the entire fascinating interview here (begins 30 mins into the hour)

in its entirety.
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