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Taser Claims Its Latest Young Life
Seventeen year old killed after cops tazer him in grocery store

Steve Watson
day, March 20, 2008

The "less than lethal" Taser has claimed another life after a seventeen year old was tasered by cops inside a grocery store he worked at in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday.

WSOCTV reports:

Police said an argument escalated between Darryl Turner and one of his supervisors at a Food Lion on Prosperity Church Road. Officers said the teen assaulted a store manager by throwing an object after officers arrived on scene.

Police released a statement reading, "[Turner] was highly agitated and refused all verbal commands and began walking toward the officer." At that point, the officer used his Taser on Turner.

The mother of the teenager has stated that he was not a violent person and cannot fathom why police used the weapon.

"When he gets upset, he is hard to talk to, but violent -- no. Act stupid, yes, mouth off, yes, but violent, no," she said.

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Despite claims by Taser proponents the weapons are safe, scientists and doctors have raised concerns about possible links between Tasers and potential heart and respiration problems, mental health and an individual’s state of exhaustion or agitation in confrontations with authorities.

Amnesty International has also cited hundreds deaths around the world after Taser use and has called for a full taser suspension while a thorough investigation into the impact of the weapon is conducted.

Recently, a UN Committee said the stun gun "causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture".

Sadly Taser deaths are now a daily occurrence, yet police and private security forces worldwide continue to be equipped with the weapons. Recent reports have revealed that police are using the Taser as soon as someone displays a "fighting stance" or simply to get a non-violent suspect to do what they are told.

Many Civil Liberties Associations and police departments across North America have called for a moratorium on the weapons.

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