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Ice Cap Alarmists Cherry Pick Science To Fit Carbon Emissions Theory
Ice extent is actually approaching second highest level since records began

Steve Watson
day, March 27, 2008

A spate of alarmist articles in the media over the past few days have attempted to cause a frothing wave of panic concerning an accelerated melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. However, the basic facts of the matter reveal that the science to prove this theory simply does not stack up.

The cause of the great thawing? Carbon emissions of cause. The solution? Carbon taxes.

UN climate chief warns of 'accelerated melting' of ice caps was the AFP headline yesterday that announced the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) call for international tariffs on carbon emissions:

"Now there's enough evidence to show that there is accelerated melting of some of these large bodies of ice; west Antarctic ice-sheet, the Greenland ice-sheet," Rajendra Pachauri told reporters.


His comments came after satellite images by the University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center showed Antarctica's massive Wilkins Ice Shelf has begun disintegrating under the effects of global warming.

The Australian further reported:

British Antarctic Survey scientist David Vaughan said the collapse was the result of global warming.

Scientists said they are not concerned about a rise in sea level from the latest event, but say it's a sign of worsening global warming. Such occurrences are “more indicative of a tipping point or trigger in the climate system,” said Sarah Das, a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in the US.

Vaughan also told the New Scientist that the Wilkins shelf was 'hanging by a thread'

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So the ice caps are all melting and it's panic stations, we need more taxes on carbon now, right?

Not according to Certified Consultant Meteorologist and Executive Director of ICECAP, International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, Joseph D’Aleo, who does not receive any funding from corporate interests and provides a somewhat bigger picture:

Let’s put this in perspective. The account may be misinterpreted by some as the ice cap or a significant (vast) portion is collapsing. In reality it and all the former shelves that collapsed are small and most near the Antarctic peninsula which sticks well out from Antarctica into the currents and winds of the South Atlantic and lies in a tectonically active region with surface and subsurface active volcanic activity. The vast continent has actually cooled since 1979.

The full Wilkins 6,000 square mile ice shelf is just 0.39% of the current ice sheet (just 0.1% of the extent last September). Only a small portion of it between 1/10th-1/20th of Wilkins has separated so far, like an icicle falling off a snow and ice covered house. And this winter is coming on quickly. In fact the ice is returning so fast, it is running an amazing 60% ahead (4.0 vs 2.5 million square km extent) of last year when it set a new record. The ice extent is already approaching the second highest level for extent since the measurements began by satellite in 1979 and just a few days into the Southern Hemisphere fall season and 6 months ahead of the peak. Wilkins like all the others that temporarily broke up will refreeze soon. We are very likely going to exceed last year’s record. Yet the world is left with the false impression Antarctica’s ice sheet is also starting to disappear.

D'Aleo also points out that last year when the Antarctic set a new record for ice extent, it got no media attention. Instead the media focused on the Arctic regions where the ice set record low levels. Earlier this year the ice cover in the Antarctic again continued to reach highs but was still ignored. Now a portion of the Wilkins shelf has broken away, suddenly the entire Antarctic is in grave peril of collapsing into the sea, according to the media and the selected few "experts" they quote.

Furthermore, it is entirely natural for sections of ice shelves to break away. In both polar regions, the cold climate causes water to fall from the air and form snow and ice. The ice that covers the land then becomes glaciers which are subject to movement as gravity weighs down on them, forcing them to the shorelines of each continent.

Then the glaciers spread across the surface of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, forming temporary ice shelves which constantly drift and break over periods of time with seasonal and tidal changes helping to form cracks and weaknesses. When the colder weather returns, the shelves refreeze.

With different weather systems, fluctuations in tectonic activity and solar activity, the process is never the same and levels of ice have forever fluctuated on the planet for millions of years.

To suggest that a small portion of an ice shelf breaking is suddenly something completely new and frightening is patently ludicrous.

Indeed, as this figure from Cryosphere Today highlights, current world ice levels have now reached 1 million square kilometers above normal. You can see the fluctuation from season to season and that in the warmer seasons there is no doubt that in recent years there has been a more erratic trend in ice levels. However, this shifts both ways.

Furthermore, as we have previously highlighted, data from all four major global temperature tracking outlets shows that the Earth is no longer getting warmer and that we are now actually in a post-warming period of global cooling.

Other scientists backed this claim and have asserted that warming stopped some years ago.

We also know that Antarctic ice core samples show that the rise in carbon dioxide levels actually lags behind temperature rise by 800 years, and therefore cannot be the cause of it. The documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle exposed how Al Gore, in his film Inconvenient Truth, deliberately reversed these figures to claim CO2 causes temperature change, when in fact the opposite is the case.

When the AFP quotes some scientist saying that the ice caps are "hanging by a thread" with no actual scientific facts to back up the claim, the reaction should be to investigate and to debate the claim.

Instead we have politicians and the UN frothing and immediately announcing that the ice caps are all melting because of carbon emissions. Their pre-prepared solution, of course, is to embrace carbon taxes and offsetting measures, the companies behind which are now being bought up by vast globalist entities such as JP Morgan.

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