Update: Silverstein Family Were All "Running Late" On 9/11
Amazing coincidences spared all three Silversteins from harm

Steve Watson

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Following our article yesterday in which we revealed New York 9/11 truth activist Luke Rudkowski's claims that Silverstein's security had personally told him that Silverstein and his daughter got a warning on the morning of 9/11 not to come to work that day, we have been inundated with emails asking us to highlight the fact that there were in fact three Silversteins working in the towers who were all "running late" on that day.

"We talked to their private security staff, we talked to people who were there with Larry on 9/11 - they said he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work and he called his daughter up and his daughter also never showed up to work," Rudkowski told a radio show this past weekend.

More information comes in the shape of a March 13, 2003 New York Observer piece on Silverstein and his attempts to secure insurance money which he claims is the only source of revenue for rebuilding at the ground zero site.

The Observer piece, recounting the day, stated:

After a last-minute breakdown in the front-running bid, Mr. Silverstein’s team won by a hair. His son, Roger, and his daughter, Lisa, were working for him in temporary offices on the 88th floor of the W.T.C. north tower. Regular meetings with tenants in the weeks immediately following their July 26, 2001, takeover of the building were held each morning at Windows on the World.

But on Sept. 11, Roger and Lisa Silverstein were running late. Meanwhile, Mr. Silverstein’s wife of 46 years had laid down the law: The developer could not cancel an appointment with his dermatologist, even to meet with tenants at his most important property. If the attack had happened just a little later, Mr. Silverstein’s children would likely have been trapped at Windows. As it was, Silverstein Properties lost four employees in the attack, two of whom had just recently been hired.

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We have previously reported on Silverstein's determined quest to rake in every last penny possible from 9/11 and the fact that he has already secured billions from other insurers without a blink of an eye over the fact that he leased the property for 99 years just six weeks before the attacks and has since been caught in an admission that he ordered at least one of the buildings, WTC 7, "pulled" on 9/11.

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