UPDATE - Confirmed: Photos Show London Dirty Bomb Tests
New photograph confirms devices going up throughout London are to track spread of gasses

Steve Watson

Monday, May 21, 2007

Further to our original article below we have received another photograph which confirms that the devices being fitted to lampposts in the Marylabone area of London on Sunday are part of a government "dirty bomb" test.

The new photograph is of a pamphlet showing the same equipment outside St John's Wood Tube Station in London.

Photos: London Dirty Bomb Tests?
Contractors fitting contraptions to light poles refuse to answer public queries

Steve Watson

Monday, May 21, 2007

We have been sent the following set of photographs by a regular Infowars source in the UK who believes they are directly connected to a story we carried last week concerning a "dirty bomb test" that was scheduled to take place in London last weekend.

The story, revealed by the Press Association and later picked up on by tech website The Register, detailed plans by the Home Office to have counter-terrorism teams from the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) Science and Technology Programme carry out "tracer gas trials" in London.

The article stated:

The trials will involve the release of small amounts of "non-toxic, odourless gases" in the Marylebone area starting on Sunday, and will run for a four to six week period. The Press Association reports that about 20 scientific monitoring stations will be set up in the area.

Our source emailed us after "staking out" the Marylabone area, and wrote:

These photos were taken this morning (Sunday 20th May) After taking some of these photos I was approached by a member of this team and asked what I was doing taking photos of the workers and what was my interest in them, I asked was there a problem with me taking photos on the public highway?

The man replied that the contractors didn't like people taking an interest in their work, I asked what were they doing? he did not answer, I asked him were they fixing the lights (as it states on the side of the van) he replied yes.

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Click for enlargements:

Are the contraptions seen in the pictures purely innocent light fittings or are the devices part of the programme outlined above to detect the spread of gasses? Perhaps someone can shed some light on what they actually are?

The fact that the government is carrying out such tests relatively unannounced and in a semi-covert fashion is worrying given that they involve the actual release of gases into populated areas.

Declassified documents have shown that in the past the US government has a history of conducting chemical and biological agent tests on an unwitting population. Project SHAD involved the use of live toxins and chemical poisons on American servicemen on American soil, spraying clouds of bacteria over San Francisco, releasing toxic gases into the New York subway, holding open-air biological and chemical weapons tests in at least four states in the 1960s.

Furthermore it is now a known fact that the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak in Britain led directly back to Porton Down, the British government's own bio-weapons research facility. Porton Down also has a history of using people as guinea pigs, including the testing of sarin nerve gas on British soldiers after World War Two.

We hope that the latest dirty bombs tests do not "go live" in an amazing coincidence such as happened on 7/7/05 when scheduled drills of exploding trains actually happened at the same time in the same places.



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