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Another Meaningless Taser Death: Police Use Of Stun Guns Out Of Control
Confused? Distressed? Need Help? Get tasered

Steve Watson
day, Nov 15, 2007

The latest taser incident to be captured on film again highlights how fast our society is sleepwalking into a brutal police state where it is the norm for cops to react with extreme physical force and even torture towards anyone who acts out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever.

The video, released Wednesday, shows the brutal tasering and consequent death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski last month at Vancouver airport.

Captured by a member of public, the footage shows the moments before police arrived and murdered Dziekanski by tasering him three or four times.

The film quite clearly reveals that Mr Dziekanski is suffering some sort of anxiety attack in the airport as he is breathing very heavily, sweating profusely and appears to be attempting to barricade himself in an empty area separated by a glass cordon. Clearly the barricade he fashions is not going to stop anyone getting through and appears to be more a cry for help.

Dziekanski at first seems to respond to passers by who attempt to calm him down but he clearly cannot understand what they are saying and becomes more distressed. After throwing a wooden table at the glass cordon and knocking a computer to the floor, the police arrive and within seconds taser Dziekanski sending him flailing to the ground screaming in agony.

The police then surround him and as the officers yell at Dziekanski to stop moving, which is impossible when 50,000 volts of electricity are moving through your body, a voice can be heard yelling "hit him again, hit him again." The four large officers then jump on top of him, restraining his arms and sitting on his head. One officer appears to strike Dziekanski in the head with a baton.

Eventually Dziekanski stops moving and dies.

Is this in any way justifiable whatsoever?

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The video also contradicts the officers' report which states that the man they encountered was out of control. Police also said even after he was tasered once, he remained combative. But the video shows that after the first shot, Dziekanski fell to the ground and was writhing in agony.

An investigation is ongoing and the official cause of death has not been made public.

The fact that police immediately reach for tasers now in any delicate situation, even a non threatening one, speaks volumes about the society we now live in.

In another disgusting case reported today a man who slipped into a diabetic coma on the top deck of a bus in Leeds, England has described how he was used for electric stun gun "target practice" after he "failed to respond to instructions" and police "mistook him for a suicide bomber".

Tasers are supposed to be the last response before lethal action, in the last year over 300 people have died in admitted cases in the US alone from being tasered. Every week we post stories of old women, children and disabled people being shot with tasers. The weapons are even being used in schools.

If you electrify any person, they stand a good chance of being killed, even more so if they are a child or an old person, and even more so if you do it three or four times before having a 200 plus pound man sit on the head of the victim.

The heart of the issue is that this was another act of wanton police brutality and torture by means of tasering.

The police are now trained that "pain compliance," a euphemism for torture, is acceptable in apprehending anyone even if that person poses no physical danger.

In many cases, cops will taser someone even if they offer no resistance whatsoever, simply for the sick enjoyment of the power trip as the victim begs and pleads not to be tortured.

Consider the recent case of UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad (video below) , who was stunned over and over again for refusing to show his ID at a campus library.

Tabatabainejad agreed to leave and was on his way out of the building before cops tasered him and then proceeded to order him to get back on his feet just so they could shock him over and over again as he cried and moaned for them to stop.

Consider also the case of Andrew Meyer, a University of Florida student who was grabbed by cops and tazed after he asked John Kerry a question at a public Q&A.

Police now use the taser as if it is a pair of handcuffs or pepper spray. Consider also the case of a man in Portland who was tasered by police for filming them conducting a warrantless search when in pursuit of a felon running through a neighbour's property. The police came onto the property in search of someone else and ended up tasering the man that lived there!

What is just as concerning as the volume of cases of taser incidents being caught on camera is the reaction of a mindless selection of society, brainwashed by the media, that enjoy watching the videos online and like to see thuggish police inflict unnecessary pain, suffering and death. The incidents are so commonplace now that onlookers call for tazings when they perceive someone to have "stepped out of line".

The bottom line is that taser use is being abused by police all over the country as cops are trained that torture is a perfectly acceptable response to somebody who acts out of the ordinary, asks the wrong question or refuses to show their papers.

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