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Why Ron Paul Needs Our Donations NOW: Plea for Immediate Funds Sparks New Donation Drive
November 30th date to precede December 16th Tea Party as campaign staff focus in on primaries

Steve Watson
day, Nov 23, 2007

A new donation drive has been scheduled for Ron Paul's presidential campaign for a week today, Friday 30th of November, in response to a plea from the campaign's Headquarters for funds they can spend before the early primaries.

The mass donation day entitled Rudy's Reading List has once again been initiated and loosely directed by Ron Paul supporter Trevor Lyman, the man behind the idea for the record breaking November 5th "money bomb" which raised over $4 million, sending Ron Paul's donations to over $9 million for the quarter so far.

After the success of the November 5th drive, Lyman scheduled another mass donation day for December 16th, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. So far over 20,000 people have signed up at www.teaparty07.com and pledged to donate over $100 dollars on December 16th. With three weeks still to go this indicates that the drive will once again break the record for online donations in one day and ensure the Congressman's campaign reaches its $12 million target for the quarter.

The decision to hold another separate donation day before the Tea Party however has been taken in quick response to a plea from Ron Paul's Headquarters for more donations now to ensure the funds can be spent before the early primaries. In a letter sent to Ron Paul supporters this week, Fund-raising Director Jonathan Bydlak explained:

During the first few days of October, we announced our fundraising goal for the fourth quarter: $12 million raised by December 31.

But there's more: we need to have spent it by then, too.

If we were to raise the entire $12 million in the last week of December, we would meet our fund-raising goal for the quarter. But Ron Paul would stand little chance of winning the Republican nomination, because that money would have come in too late.

Time is of the essence. You see, we need to raise money well before we plan to spend it. That's because most of the expenditures that we make need to be paid for weeks in advance. For example, we need to buy crucial airtime for the end of December right now.

The sooner we raise this money, the sooner that we can spread Dr. Paul's message - our message - in the early primary states. Time truly is money.

Fact is, we only have about two weeks to raise money for the early primaries.

If you wait a month from now to donate, your money will only be spent after Iowa caucus-goers and New Hampshire primary voters have made up their minds.

We are rapidly running out of time. The Iowa caucus is just 44 days away. New Hampshire is in 49 days. With so much ground to make up, we can't afford to waste a single day.

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In response to the plea, donations spiked on tuesday producing the third best day for the entire quarter. Meanwhile Trevor Lyman has set up a new donation site at www.rudysreadinglist.com and is urging supporters to donate immediately with a mass donation day scheduled for Nov 30th.

In a blog posting Lyman states:

Even though initially the email from headquarters may have seemed to present us with a difficult choice, it will actually be the very thing we have been looking for to push the TeaParty07.com effort over the edge. Again, some of us will not be able to donate twice, If you are one of these people I ask you do donate now and not later. We must reach 4 to 5 million in donations on November 30th if we are going to force the media to pay attention to us and feed the TeaParty07.com drive (as well as to get Ron Paul the money he needs to continue campaigning now). If you can only donate once your support sooner rather than later is critical.

Many supporters have been holding back donations until December 16th, too late to have an effect on this primary season which will determine who gets the GOP nomination. In order that Ron Paul can stand any chance in NH, Iowa, and the other early states, the funds must be raised immediately.

We suggest to our readers that if you are intending to donate on December 16th, you reconsider and donate to Dr Paul today instead. If you can afford it, donate again on the 16th for the media coverage or the symbolism if you would like, but no amount of press that close to the actual vote is going to help the campaign as much as more TV and Radio ads over the next 30 days will. PLEASE donate today.


Early Primary Schedule:

Jan. 3 -- Iowa
Jan. 5 -- Wyoming
Jan. 8 -- New Hampshire
Jan. 15 -- Michigan
Jan. 19 -- South Carolina (GOP)
Jan. 19 -- Nevada
Jan. 29 -- Florida

Please remember that for closed primaries, you must be a registered member of the Republican party in order to vote for Ron Paul. Check your local GOP website for the deadline dates on when you must register in order to vote in January.

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