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Ron Paul Storms Another Round Of Debate Polls
More attempts to smear Congressman backfire

Steve Watson
day, Nov 29, 2007

Ron Paul convincingly won multiple post debate polls yesterday after putting in another solid performance despite more attempts to brand him an isolationist and a conspiracy theorist.

Some have even suggested that elements of the debate were set up to smear Ron Paul as racist.

The debate, jointly hosted by CNN and Youtube took questions from so called "Youtube users". However, many of the profiles of the featured questioners on Youtube.com have only been set up for a number of days and have very few videos on them, indicating that the questioners were carefully handpicked by and notified beforehand by CNN.

One particular question focused directly at Ron Paul took at bash at his supporters as the very wooden questioner, clearly reading something he did not seem to have written himself, stated "I have met a lot of your supporters online but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council on Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union... These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory, so my question is do you really believe in all this?"

The Congressman succinctly explained that the move toward a North American Union is a very real thing and just because it is not discussed openly by politicians and in the media does not mean it is some monolithic made up conspiracy theory:

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A second bizarre moment occurred when John McCain was asked a question on taxes and instead chose to attack Ron Paul's anti-war stance by calling him an isolationist, saying his policies would have aided Hitler and that the troops do not support him.

The Congressman hit back by reminding McCain that he has received more donations from active duty military personnel than any other Republican candidate and that non-interventionism does not equate to isolationism, rather invasion does:

A third strange moment during the debate which raised a lot of talking points was the fact that CNN chose to take a question from a Ron Paul supporter concerning the meaning of the confederate flag. The questioner again seemed to be reading a script. Fred Thompson among others jumped in to point out that to many Americans the stars and bars is a symbol of racism.

Ron Paul also took a question on abortion and again reiterated his view that he is against it but that it is not a matter for the federal government to be involved in. Unlike many of the other candidates who have flip flopped on this issue, the Congressman has remained constant.

Considering that Ron Paul was once again afforded very little time to speak throughout the debate in comparison with the other candidates, and again had to deal with base attempts to smear him and his supporters, he produced another strong showing which has been reflected in CNN's own online poll as well as other post debate polls:

Watch an edited collection of Ron Paul's moments during last night's debates:

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