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Christine Ebersole's 9/11 Truth: 2+2=4
Defends her actions in going public with support for 9/11 truth movement

Steve Watson

day, Sept 6, 2007

Two time Tony award winning actress and singer Christine Ebersole spoke exclusively to the Alex Jones show yesterday concerning her upcoming appearance at 9/11 truth events in New York on the sixth anniversary of the attacks, and how her life has changed since she pledged allegiance to the movement.

Ebersole went public with her concerns over the undisputable holes in the official version of events surrounding the 9/11 attacks last year on the GCN radio network.

She was a frequent guest on talk show The View during Rosie O'Donnell's tenure as presenter and was the first to start broaching the subject of 9/11 Truth in broadcasts watched by millions of ABC viewers.

"I really truly agonized over it because you stand on a precipice of silence and action" Ebersole stated.

"I never really considered myself a star and here I was just wanting to speak the truth about what I saw and really it was based on the official government story that wasn't supported by the laws of the universe. It is like what George Orwell said in 1984, freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four."

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Ebersole described the decision to promote 9/11 truth via The View not as a conscious decision but more as a "convergence" of like minds and feelings:

"There's this meeting you have at the very beginning called hot topics, and it was an idea I had. To tell you the truth I think I had innocence and naievite on my side because it's a pool of sharks out there and I think if you dare to stand up and speak the truth the way you see it and question authority, you're going to be called crazy." Ebersole commented.

The star of last year's award winning Broadway musical Grey Gardens revealed that she felt inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, commenting "He said the very same thing, they're going to try and take you down because the truth is the most powerful weapon that a human being can have."

In the aftermath of going public with her views on 9/11 Ebersole was viciously attacked by the tabloid gutter press who had already taken swipes at Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell for voicing the same concerns and saw another easy opportunity to strike.

Pieces in the National Inquirer and the New York Post slammed Ebersole as "another kook" while Fox News again ran with the baton in declaring her career over just as they had previously done with regards to Sheen and O'Donnell.

Ebersole spoke of her fear after she gained such national media attention and related startling events in the aftermath where upon she felt implored to carry through with her convictions and not to shy away from her initial instincts to stand up for the truth.

"There needs to be a responsibility in knowing the truth. It's very easy not to know it and to rely on authorities to take care of you, almost like a benevolent father in a sense, so you don't really have to think for yourself, but I think it is really a matter of the salvation of the Republic. I think it is a spiritual call really to do what is right and not to be afraid, so people can know the truth and know that it is ok, so there is not this confusion and depression that happens when people are aware of the truth but are afraid to explore it." Ebersole asserted.

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"When you stand on purpose the universe supports you because the universe bends towards justice, and that's what was so comforting."

Ebersole, whose credits include a 2001 Tony for Best Actress in a Musical, 42nd Street and a 2007 Tony for Best Actress in Grey Gardens, is scheduled to sing at a benefit performance for first responders, firemen, police and their families at the same event that Alex Jones' new feature film Endgame will be broadcast in New York on Sunday the 9th of September.

Listen to the entire 30 minute interview here.

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