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False Flag Terror Fear On 14th Is Apparent Hoax
The truth movement needs to be more wary of straw man assertions

Steve Watson

day, Sept 12, 2007

A military stand down scheduled for this friday has kicked started a buzz across the blogosphere that some kind of false flag attack may be planned in the immediate aftermath of the sixth anniversary of 9/11. Wild connections and suggestions have started to be made that have little or no basis in reality, a disconcerting trend that can be damaging to the 9/11 truth movement and those who have set out to expose false flag terrorism in general.

Earlier in the week Air Force Times reported that on Sept. 14 Air Combat Command bases, consisting of about 100,000 active-duty airmen, would be standing down training flights and many other operations as part of a command-wide safety day:

Command boss Gen. Ronald Keys ordered the Sept. 14 safety standdown in the wake of the Aug. 30 nuclear incident at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., in which six cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads were loaded onto a B-52H and then flown to Barksdale Air Force Base, La., without anyone on the ground or bomber realizing the nuclear weapons were on the plane. It was not until the B-52H was parked at Barksdale that ground crews discovered the cruise missiles were carrying real warheads.

This is indeed interesting and it should be noted that it was reported upon widely in the mainstream media. It does not mean however that the entire military infrastructure will stand down and that America will be totally unprotected.

In addition to this some bloggers have decided to go looking for other indicators that a false flag may be in the pipeline for Friday. The results have unfortunately been somewhat irresponsible

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"Strange that the main airline in Israel suddenly has "no flight" from the biggest jewish population center outside of Israel on the very same day that the entire US Air Force will be "standing down." reports one blogger.

He goes onto provide pictorial evidence that there are no El Al flights from New York scheduled for Friday, and then also ties this in with a notice on Israeli Terrorism and Security news website DEBKA.com that they will be confining their reporting to "special security events" until the 18th of September.

"Is this a HINT? Do the jews know something about Sept 14 the way they seemed to know about 9-11?? " he asks.

The answer is no, probably not. The reason there are no El Al flights scheduled for Friday is because they rarely ever are any El Al flights on a Friday due to the fact that the airline observes a policy of not flying on the Shabbat, the weekly day of rest in Judaism, which is observed from sundown on Friday until Saturday night.

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It is also somewhat revealing that the blogger in question also writes:

"A lot of people said that 4,000 jews didn't show up to work at the World Trade Center in New York on 9-11. Jews seemed to "know" some big attack was going to take place that day and they didn't go to work. By the way, on 9-11, the U.S. Air Force was ordered to "stand down" while those attacks were taking place!"

This assertion has been shown to be somewhat inaccurate as there were many different people who received warnings prior to 9/11, not just "the jews". The story stems from the fact that a Hareetz report on 9/11 stated that TWO workers from the Israeli messaging company Odigo, which had offices NOT IN THE WTC but in New York, had received messages early on the morning of 9/11, warning of the impending attacks. This report was just one example among many of prior knowledge.

It has been used over and over by debunkers of 9/11 truth groups however to imply the entire movement is anti-semitic. The BBC in particular seized on the story in their hit piece earlier this year, using the "4000 jews" angle to set up a straw man and then knock it down with stories of Israeli victims who died in the attacks.

We wish to distance ourselves from such elements of the movement that continue to insensitively hammer out baseless theories which are then easily shot down. We are concerned only with getting to the truth of 9/11 for the sake the 9/11 families and victims, for the sake of our own freedoms and the lives of those that have come in the direct firing line of our government's actions carried out with 9/11 as justification.

Of course we should be on the lookout for military drills or exercises, given that historically they have coincided with attacks, however the lack of responsibility shown in this case is unhelpful and can lead to our movement being easily discredited, as has been shown in the past.

Rest assured that if criminal elements within the government were planning another false flag operation they certainly wouldn't advertise the fact so blatantly.

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