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UK Regional Swine Flu Plans Outline Mass Vaccination Centres
Police to be alerted by local authorities to prevent public disorder

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Sept 22, 2009

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Regional H1N1 pandemic planning documents for the UK indicate that local authorities intend to set up mass vaccination sites to be overseen by crowd control police.

The documentation indicates that during an influenza pandemic doctors and nurses will "Liaise with the local authorities to identify suitable [locations] for use as Mass Vaccination Centres".

The plans also outline the need to determine how many people can be vaccinated per day and for how long.

Staff will be provided by local authorities to "organise queues of people" into appropriate areas of the sites.

The staff will also be asked to "triage" patients, effectively ration treatment and prioritize people based on the severity of their condition.

Essex County Council is to help with a "transport plan" for the mass centres, and in enlisting the "Voluntary Sector" to aid with the running of the vaccination centres.

The appointed "Centre Manager" and the Regional Health Care Manager will also "liaise with the police in the event of public disorder/crowd control etc", according to the document.

The specific portion of the pandemic influenza document entitled Vaccination Centre Set Up & Layout, originates from the UK's West Essex NHS Trust area (previously West Essex Primary Care Trust). Similar plans exist in regional areas throughout the UK.

Here is the document in full:

The British plans bear a resemblance to recently leaked French internal documents outlining plans for H1N1 "injection teams" to carry out mass inoculations focused around regional vaccination centers.

Further French documents leaked to the national newspaper Liberation, have revealed that the government there intends to use the threat of a swine flu pandemic to overhaul legal protections for citizens.

Last month we also covered a newly drafted British Home Office document detailing plans for mass graves and "streamlined" mass cremations to cope with a "second wave" of H1N1 flu.

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